Liberty University Concert Hall and School of Music

Liberty U Recital Hall

The Details

The School of Music has an attached 1,600-seat concert hall.

The project also includes two recital halls, dozens of practice rooms and teaching studios, a choir rehearsal room, a band rehearsal room, music classrooms and music labs. The concert hall is unique in two ways. First, it is the only hall to provide the users with a choice of a fully adjustable natural acoustics concert hall OR one acoustically controlled with Meyer Sound’s Constellation system in “electronic architecture” mode. Using a multitude of distributed microphones, speakers and signal processors, Constellation allows the infinitely variable manipulation of perceived reverberance to emulate any other acoustic environment. Second, to accommodate the electronic architecture system, it was necessary to provide a great deal of adjustable acoustic absorption throughout the room – far more than usual. The result is that in the empty hall rehearsal setting, the reverberance is nearly identical to that of a full audience seated during a concert. In this concert hall, and in no other hall we’re aware of, the musicians can make critical judgments during rehearsal that translate accurately to performance conditions.

Lynchburg, VA

VMDO Architects

Theatre Consultants Collaborative


130,000 SF